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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  April 22, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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says it's the perfect place to begin the next 40 years of saving buildings. when we were young that's all we ate was wonder bread. now everyone it's whole wheat, whole grain, multigrain. >> no whole grain for us. that probably explains a lot, doesn't it? >> it does, craig. >> stay with us. news 4 at 5:00 begins right now. tragic turn. this morning a search for a missing teenager is over but the mystery surrounding what happened to her is far from solved. spike investigation. the government looking into what is causing the pain we are all feeling at the pump. good morning. welcome back to news 4 today. i'm eun yang. >> i'm craig melvin in for joe krebs. welcome to news 4 today. it is good friday, april 22nd. live look outside. 50 degrees at 5:00 a.m. as we take a live there over the nation's capital. jefferson memorial there sitting in the middle of your screen.
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tom kierein just told us a few moments ago clouds moved in. we probably should get used to them. they will be with us much of the day before the clouds become rain. >> the big story, the chill in the air. quite cold this morning. here we are april 22nd and talking about chill. down into the 40s in many locations. right now in the mid-40s in washington. and nearby suburbs in montgomery county, down into the upper 30s northern part of montgomery as we look at the temperatures right now. just near 40 degrees there, loudon county, panhandle of west virginia, frederick county, maryland, washington county, down to near 40 degrees. mid and upper 40s right in washington inside the beltway. prince george's county, arlington county mid-40s. southern maryland a bit milder near the bay. it's near 50. quite a chill throughout much of the region. rain beginning to show up in central and southern west
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virginia and southwestern virginia. that's advancing north and east. we'll have a persistent southeasterly flow that will bring in a likelihood of rain noon time and into the afternoon. a chill in the air today. highs reaching low 50s. sunrise at 6:22. sunset, 7:52. a look at your friday night planner at 5:11. jerry, how is traffic. >> overnight road work right at the approach to the exit for the capital beltway has been picked up. you can see all the construction barrels pushed to the shoulder. the far left lane, left-hand exit to the inner loop is open as is the right side of the roadway. 66 leaving towards fair oaks, pretty smooth sailing. route 50 and 66 inside the beltway forts are investment bridge, no concerns. catching the train early this morning, good news. metro, vre, marc, no early delays. craig, eun. >> thank you, jerry. 5:02. the search for a missing
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teen from north carolina comes to a tragic end in maryland. felicia barnes left monroe, north carolina in december to visit family in baltimore. men pulled her body from the susquehanna river. they made a positive i.d. using dental records. no word how she died. autopsy revealed no obvious signs of violence. felicia barnes went missing december 28th of last year. and the medical examiner said it's not out of the realm of possibility that the body could have been in the water that line. >> police found a second body with barnes, about three to four miles downstream. he is a black man 6'4", 240 pounds. they say the body suffered significant decomposition and was unclothed. he has not been identified. and the cause of death is unknown. investigators say the only thing that connects this man to barnes is they were found in the same
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river on the same day. 5:03. you are going to have to shell out serious cash the next time you fill up. the national average is $3.84 according to aaa. in the district the price is over $4 a gallon, $4.50. maryland, $3.86. virginia is $3.77 a gallon. rising gas prices are infuriating drivers and now apparently the obama administration as well. the justice department is now putting together a task force to look for fraud and speculation in the oil market. >> we're going to make sure nobody is taking advantage of american consumers. for their own short-term gain. >> so far there is not any evidence of wrongdoing. >> 5:04. gas price may be so high some drivers aren't fueling up in time. aaa mid atlantic says a spike in emergency road side assistance calls. they're up 39% in the district
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this month for out of gas calls. in maryland, calls are up nearly 37%. virginia, the total is up 27%. aaa suggests you get gas when your tank is a quarter full. >> seems like more and more americans are upset with the direction this country is headed. 38% of people approve the way president obama is handling the country. 57% disapprove. 26% think the country is headed in the right direction while 70% think it's on the wrong track. the numbers could spell out trouble for the president's reelection campaign. students will pay more to attend virginia tech next year. in-state tuition will rise 9.6%, $920. out-of-state tuition will go up
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5.4%. the average room and board will go up 9%. the university's president says increases will help cover higher costs. the university will lose 21 million in federal stimulus money. there will be changes in the u.s. senate next month. john inson announces his resignation. he's accused of having an affair with a former staffer and helping the husband of his former lover get a lobbying job. in a statement enson said the cost of a prolonged investigation to his family is, quote, simply too great. his resignation takes effect may 3rd. new from overnight, senator john mccain arrived in libya to meet with rebel forces. his press secretary confirmed that the arizona senator arrived in the rebel stronghold of benghazi today. he was critical of u.s. troops withdrawing from the nato air strikes. mccain's visit comes as the
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french military showed drones bombing sites. french authority increased the number of bomber nights over libya in the past week, including attacksed near mizrhata. gadhafi's forces tried to retake the city which is the only rebel stronghold in that part of the country. from libya to pakistan, a u.s. drone strike in the western part of the country. it happened in the northern part of waziristan, right on the pakistan/afghanistan border. intelligence officials say civilians are among the dead. also this morning, a senior military official has confirmed to nbc news that a western pakistani air base is no longer home to u.s. soldiers.
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150 americans soldiers stationed unmanned predator drones used to attack targets in afghanistan. they were authorized to use that base right after 9/11. late maryland governor will receive one last tour of baltimore next week. the body of william donald schaefer will take a motorcade to a dozen landmarks before lying in repose at city hall monday and tuesday. he was mayor before his election to governor. before his final tour he will lie in repose in annapolis monday until 2:00 in the afternoon. his funeral is set for wednesday at the old st. paul's church in baltimore, followed by burial at delaney memorial gardens. he died after coming down with pneumonia. he was 89. time now 5:08. still ahead, a flight fright caused by a scary little
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critter. also, the major faux pas. a trophy trashed. chilly change this morning, folks. right now 47 degrees. tom kierein will join us in a tom kierein will join us in a few moments to
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good morning. sit cold for late april. down into the low and mid-40s throughout much of the region. 47, reagan national. and we do have a south and
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southeasterly flow bringing moisture off the gulf of mexico and atlantic. that's bringing rain into southern virginia, west virginia right now. right now increasingly cloudy sky over the washington monument. sunrise, 6:22. by 9:00, a little sun through high clouds, upper 40s. light rain likely by noon time. during the afternoon, light rain likely. temperatures in the low 50s. more rain likely tonight. friday night planner in the 40s. patchy fog and drizzle until midnight saturday. >> good news this morning it's all happening on dry pavement. right now on i-270, frederick to hyattstown, germantown and beyond no, worries weatherwise. no accidents, broken down cars or nonsense happening right now. making the drive on 66 westbound, overnight road work again this morning still in place. again, westbound 66 out of boston headed towards falls church. single file to the left gets by.
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eastbound towards the roosevelt bridge we're okay. out on the rails, no delays metro, vre. one delay penn 505 13 minutes behind schedule. 5:14, 48 degrees. the message from several d.c. mayors that the white house would not accept. this has our newsroom talking a lot this morning. no royal smooch. why prince william will not kiss kate middleton on their wedding
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we're following breakg news on this friday morning in northeast washington are police have investigating a shooting on south dakota avenue around 3:00 this morning. we're told the victim was shot in the foot. so far no arrests. this morning a virginia man is facing several charges after
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leading police on a chase on i-66 through three counties. police eventually arrested austin griffith near warrenton on route 29 if aulkier county. they say a state trooper first pulled him over on 66 in fairfax county, but we sped off as the trooper approached his pickup. he is charged with, among other counts, dui, drug possession and eluding police. new numbers show the county is among the safest in the region. crime fell 10% last year, according to police statistics. 74 rapes were reported last year. 105 in 2009. another major decline was in thefts. 960 cars were stolen in fairfax county last year, compared to 1,100 the previous year. police say they don't know what contributed to the decline. a letter from mayor vincent gray and former d.c. mayors encouraging president obama to support statehood has been
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barred from delivery. they tried to hand deliver the letter to the white house but a secret service officer turned her away saying they do not accept outside deliveries. the letter also requests that president obama display the taxation without representation license plates on his official vehicle. kelly says she'll get the letter to the president even if she has to, quote, have a pigeon deliver it to him. all right. well, how would you feel if you were on a plane, about to take off, and came across a dead scorpion? just be happy you weren't on a us airways flight from charlotte to newark. it was not the only thing removed from that plane. so were passengers and their belongings. today millions around the world will go green in honor of earth day.
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this year the annual holiday has been dubbed a billion acts of green. earth day organizers are encouraging people to do something small but sustainable in their own lives to improve the health of the planet. they're suggesting several simple things like changing light bulbs or taking shorter showers. michelle obama will be helping clean up the fort dupont park in anacostia. nasa is hosting a web chat with arctic explorers in greenland. share it online. go to one of the most prominent coaches could be heading south for the head coaching job at miami. he's interviewed with the hurricanes. 61-year-old just signed a contract extension last year that would keep him at george mason through the 2015-2016 season. he's been at gmu for 14 years.
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he led the colonials in the final four in 2006. hopefully the nets find their bats and take it to pittsburgh with them. matt holliday put them up early with the 2-1 blast off gorzelanny there. that was all they needed. gave up only two hits while striking out six in a 5-0 cardinals win. hernandez starting tonight. first pitch set for 7:05. caps are back at home with a chance to close out their first round series tomorrow afternoon down 3-0 to start the third. washington stormed back with eight minutes left to tie it. a fortunate bounce for the capitals as he taps in an easy goal for the double overtime winner. it was thrilling. washington will look to end the series tomorrow. the game is at 3:00 on nbc 4.
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nice clinch on the home would be really sweet. >> in for mike knubel who is still out. >> still injured? >> yeah. >> i don't know what's happening tomorrow. >> are you going to be at the game? >> i'm efforting some tickets. >> okay. i'll be watching from home. soccer players don't have to be particularly good with their hands to be successful. >> you may want to tell that to one soccer stud in spain, though. real madrid star sergio ramos accidentally dropping the king's cup during the team's victory parade. >> oh, come on. >> that is one of the most prestigious trophies in spanish soccer. not only did he let go of the trophy but the bus kept going and ran the darn thing over. officials retrieved it a short time later. they describe it as, quote, slightly damaged. >> that's a big old bus. >> you have to wonder whether there's alcohol involved in the celebration. >> well, you know, it was a big
5:22 am
win and a big deal. >> a big win. >> we'll forgive sergio. >> we want to turn to our forecast now. a lot of folks wondering about this easter weekend. what's it going to look like, tom kierein? >> no pressure. don't throw me under the bus. >> never, never. >> this morning it's much, much cooler. in fact, around the region, low to mid-40s many locations. just 47 now at reagan national. and the chill is all over the region. and we have persistent flow in the carolinas, central west virginia. they're getting sprinkles. a dry sky over the washington monument. that's a live picture from city camera. we'll have sunrise at 6:22. it's going to be a cool day. sprinkles around noon time. a greater chance, likelihood of light rain from time to time during the afternoon with highs only in the low 50s. then tomorrow after some overnight drizzle and fog and perhaps lingering saturday morning it will be cloudy on
5:23 am
saturday. an afternoon thundershower. much warmer sunday. partly cloudy. monday, partly cloudy, as well as on tuesday. both days near 80. remaining mild mid week. we could get more storms wednesday and thursday. how is traffic now? >> here's a clear shot of the continuing construction westbound i-66 leaving boston, falls church. this is where we had the multiple car accident in addition. westbound 66 only one single left lane is getting by. crews are -- it appears they're in the process of picking it up. we'll keep a close watch on that. inbound your lanes are open. quick check elsewhere, beltway, pennsylvania avenue, a little bit of volume but pretty smooth sailing. out to the rails we go. one exception on marc, penn 505. eun, craig. >> appreciate that, jerry. time 5:23. christians in washington and around the world will observe
5:24 am
good friday. catholics will gather at our lady queen of the americans at 2:00 this afternoon to walk to the cathedral of st. matthew. the cardinal will be on handment other processions taking place in silver spring and takoma park. lindsay lohan will be back in court for a preliminary hearing to decide if her necklace theft case will go to trial. she is facing one count of felony grand theft for walking it of a venice, california jewelry store with a $2,500 gold necklace she's wearing in that photo. she had already denied the claim and rejected a plea deal that would have included jail time. the judge says the case will decide whether lohan violated her probation for a 2007 drunk driving conviction by being charged with that felony. the season finale of "the office." jim carrey signed on for a guest starring appearance for the hour-long episode. a season send-off that will
5:25 am
feature ricky gervais. will farrell played mr. vickers. you can catch the season finale here on nbc 4 on may 19th. all right. royal wedding. one week away. it crept up on us. that's not true. >> well, it will certainly be the most watched wedding of the year. it will not necessarily be the most traditional. there are reports that kate middleton is omitting the word "obey" from her wedding vows. she will promise to love, comfort, honor, and keep prince william. princess diana changed her vows when she married prince charles. don't expect to see a kiss when they're pronounced husband and wife. the church of england forbids kissing in the church ceremony. they will kiss on the balcony of
5:26 am
buckingham palace after the ceremony. i spoke to the british ambassador of the united states. he said that's the most that people of england will wait for at the buckingham palace reveal. the wedding is important too. >> wendy rieger is going to be reporting from london on the royal event. her first report will be this sunday at 11:00 p.m. >> and i wouldn't say omitting "obey" is not traditional. i think a lot of modern women don't say that in her vows anymore. >> i'm not touching that with a 10-foot pole. 5:26. the construction project starting soon that could turn your commute into an absolute nightmare the next two years. a cruise ship accident. who dropped a grandmother into the icy waters of the arctic. what the white house is doing to find out why we are paying so much at the pump. lots more t
5:27 am
5:28 am
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spike investigation. the government is now looking into what is causing the pain we are all feeling at the pump. also, pump the brakes. a major construction project is about to get under way, and
5:30 am
drivers are being warned to prepare for a much longer ride. good morning. i'm eun yang. >> glad to have you with us. i'm craig melvin in for joe krebs. sit friday, april 22nd. good friday, in fact. let's take a live look outside at 5:30. there she is, the washington monument. cloud cover right now. what's the word, tom kierein? >> off to a chilly start. low 40s this morning pennsylvania border and farther north into pennsylvania some spots below freezing. closer to washington and near the bay, mid and upper 40s. and quite a chill in the air throughout the entire region. out of the mountains it's getting a bit milder in southwestern virginia. mid-50s there. southern washington where they are getting some rain right now. some of that rain coming from the south and west. that will be moving toward the metro area by later this morning. out ahead of that, yes, the pollen count jumped up into the very high range and will stay
5:31 am
high this morning. but that rain will help allergy sufferers today and wash pollen out of the air. under a dry sky. sunrise, 6:22. by 9:00, upper 40s. mostly cloudy. sprinkles after that. passing showers and highs only reaching the low 50s. looks like more chilly, damp weather tonight. a look at night planner at 5:41. check traffic for this friday morning. jerry, how is it looking? >> one spot we're watching closely is 66 inside the beltway, westbound direction, headed out of boston towards falls church. continuing overnight construction still in the roadway. right side is blocked. one travel lane gets by on the westbound side. we'll watch that very carefully and let you know who crews pick up. eastbound lanes are open from the beltway to the roosevelt bridge. in from the north, along i-270, no concerns. few folks out and about. but generally, again, very quiet
5:32 am
morning as spring break continues for a lot of folks from frederick down to rockville, moving along nicely. downtown through southeast, no concerns whatsoever. all the bridges looking good in anacostia. one continuing delay on marc, penn 505. jerry, thank you. 5:32. you could be in for sticker shock the next time you fill your car for gas. the national average is $3.84 according to aaa. in the district the price is over $4 at 4:05. maryland, $3.86. virginia's average is a little cheaper at $3.77 a gallon. price are so high the obama administration is taking action to keep them in check. tracee wilkins is live with more on this story. tracee, good morning. >> reporter: eun. taking a look at what they are here at this station just off of connecticut avenue. $4.32 for a gallon of regular
5:33 am
here. this is part of the reason that the u.s. justice department is getting involved. they are setting up a task force that will target oil priced fraud and speculation. it's the gouging and other illegal practices that they will be following up on. so holder is vowing to monitor oil and gas markets to make sure consumers aren't paying more due to illegal activity. president obama is looking at speculators and blaming them for the 8% jump in gas prices since last year. the justice department will also look into commodities markets and examine the role of speculators and how they're affecting gas prices that we're seeing here. it seems like with all the explaining in the world, consumers are still saying if there's some kind of illegal activity here. if there's a way to have lower gas prices, that's what we want. live this morning in northwest. back to you all in the studio.
5:34 am
>> tracee, thank you. it may be more than just gas prices on the rise. mcdonald's is considering raising the prices on its menu. it raised prices 1% last month. the company insists the increases will be minor. it expects food costs in the u.s. and europe to rise 4% to 4.5% this year. to the stkaft tpher japan now. it is expanding the aoe vacizati aoe vac vacation because of radiation. those who stay will be exposed to dangerous levels of radiation. all of this coming a day after officials set a no-go zone of 12 miles around the puke shaoe ma nuclear plant. it expects global production to return to normal by november or december. last month's damaged numerous partsmakers.
5:35 am
they apologized to those who have experienced delays getting their car serviced. toyota is issuing a recall of 300,000 cars because of an air bar malfunction. the company is recalling 2007 and 2008 rav 4s and 2008 highlanders sold in the u.s. to replace a sensor in the air bag that could inadvertently activate. toyota will repair the defect for free. owners will receive a recall notice in the mail next month. if you take new york avenue in or out of the district, your commute is about to get a whole lot worse. starting monday, one lane in both directions will be closed between penn street northeast and florida avenue northeast. megan mcgrath joins us from that area. as someone who goes that way regularly, this is going to be an absolute nightmare stphrr you do anything to new york avenue and you see traffic tieups.
5:36 am
this is not an easy project. it's a long-term project. you can see the construction barrels in place here in the center of the road ready to be moved around. they're going to start setting up the work zone at 10:00 p.m. don't. it will be in place in time for the morning rush hour monday morning. we're talking about the bridge on new york avenue between florida and penn street. it's getting a complete overhaul. new york avenue will go from three lanes in each direction down to two lanes. so we're losing a third of the travel lanes. needless to say, expect big lanes. ddot estimates delays could be anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes. and this project is going to take two years to complete. so no easy fix here. we're going to start to see the new traffic pattern first thing in the morning on monday morning. if you're traveling late tonight you're going to start seeing the crews in the area putting up the construction barrels and getting things in place. it's going to be a tough go for folks who travel new york avenue.
5:37 am
craig, back to you. >> two years. megan mcgrath. thank you so much. >> it's going to be a mess. 5:36. 47 degrees. a scare for a sick grandmother. how she ended up in icy waters while being taken off a cruise ship. >> cupcake complaints. long lines outside a popular shop. i'm a curious seeker.
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it is a chilly start to your day. 47 degrees. a couple days ago it was summer. it's back to winter. april doing the roller coaster thing again. >> that's a postcard of a shot behind us. pretty. like that a lot. >> better get used to the nice shots. we will have to use our memories of them. >> that's the last of the sun we will see. we're not going to see much this morning as the clouds have rolled in overnight. good morning. meteorologist tom kierein. 5:41 on this friday morning. yes, you will notice the chill in the air. get ready for work and school this morning. right now down into the low to mid-40s in many locations in washington, nearby suburbs, most of virginia is and maryland in the 40s right now. so is west virginia. across the pennsylvania border, it's in the 30s this morning.
5:41 am
quite a chill in the air. high pressure to our north. shifting our winds south and southeast. that's bringing in moisture. we can see the blobs of color. those are areas of light rain beginning to move into the central shenandoah valley and highlands of west virginia. that will be arriving late this morning. off and on during the afternoon. light showers likely. highs in the low 50s. more rain in the 40s overnight. patchy drizzle and fog. into dawn saturday. big changes for the weekend. going to get hot op sunday. i'll tell you how hot. we'll look at that and next week at 5:51. northwest washington, broad branch is closed between brandywine and beech because of sink hole repair. that stretch of broadbranch is closed between brandywine and beach drive. let's head out to the cameras. 66 westbound, construction still in place. notice we're starting to find a bit of a delay, a little bit of
5:42 am
a delay getting through the work zone. drop your speeds. please be careful any time you head through a work zone particularly in the early morning darkness. inbound 66 is okay. new york avenue, smooth sailing now. enjoy it while you can. monday morning will be a whole different story. quick check out on the rails. no concerns metro or vre. marc penn 505 behind schedule. still to many can, go green, save green. who is giving away free coffee today. a brazen shoot anything broad daylight. a woman was eating lunch when a bullet came right through her window. next, flooding fallout. the action taken in response to the flooding along the georgeto
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:45 is your time. four days ago floodwaters rushed into businesses and restaurants
5:46 am
along the georgetown waterfront filling them with feet of water and leaving behind sludge and debris. as those businesses begin to cancel big money events ahead of the easter weekend, a class action lawsuit has been filed against the company that manages the property. darcy spencer has more on the ongoing cleanup. >> reporter: allison and doug got engaged in paris a little more than a year ago. their wedding is coming up and they had plans for a rehearsal dinners at the farmers and fishers restaurant at washington harbor, which was flooded on monday. they got the news today. >> the event was canceled we scheduled for may 13th and that she was spending the day canceling reservations for the next couple months. >> the arlington couple have been watching the news all week, showing the devastation at the georgetown waterfront. they were hoping it wouldn't ruin plans for their special night. >> when i saw the pictures on the news i really didn't think about it. then i made the connection, oh, yeah, that's where our rehearsal dinner is going to be.
5:47 am
and started to think we would have to try to find a new venue. >> reporter: cleanup crews continued to on work around the clock, getting the property ready for businesses and owners to return. dumpsters are being filled with debris. furniture, even alcohol. some helped themselves. >> we're just looking for the harbor making everyone whole and bringing us to a point where we can get back open as soon as possible. >> reporter: a class-action lawsuit was filed on behalf of the workers who are losing wages. the lawsuit claims property owner manager mrp realty failed to raise the floodgates causing the disaster. >> mrp are seemingly new to the building. they just purchased it last year. and for reasons that are pretty much inexplicable, they failed to properly raise the gates. >> for allison and doug, finding a plan b has been a challenge. >> it's a hardship right now but it's going to be an interesting memory down the road.
5:48 am
>> reporter: mrp realty has not discussed by the flood gates were not raised on monday. now there are new concerns about the possibility for mold and mildew at these very wet businesses. in georgetown, darcy spencer, news 4 today. >> 16-year-old felicia barnes, of monroe, north carolina, who went missing on a visit to her sister's baltimore apartment was found dead in the susquehanna river 30 miles from there. a tentative i.d. was made from a rose tattoo and confirmed through dental records. the preliminary examination found no obvious signs of violence. >> felicia barnes went missing on december 28th of last year. and the medical examiner said it's not out of the realm of possibility that the body could have been in the water that long. >> police found a second body with barnes three to four miles downstream. he is a black male, 6'4", 240 pounds. he also suffered significant decomposition and was unclothed.
5:49 am
he has not been identified and his cause of death is unknown. investigators say the only thing that connects this man to barnes is they were found in the is same river on the same day. this morning police are searching for the gunman who shot two people on the popular u street corridor. the shooting happened at the intersection of 14th and v streets. both victims were taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. >> my parents brought me lunch. a bullet came flying through my front window. >> how did you know what it was? >> i thought it was a kid that might have thrown a baseball but then i heard the aftershots. d.c. council member graham says he believes the shooting could be gang related. one d.c. teenager who escaped from a youth detention center is still on the run this morning. four teenagers escaped the
5:50 am
palmetto behavioral center. this morning there are reports three were caught near the center. the fourth, who was sent on a murder charge, is still on the loose. at this point it's still unclear how the teenagers escaped or were caught. 5:50. norwegian police have vowing to investigate how a british woman was dropped into arctic waters during an attempted rescue. 73-year-old janet richardson fell from a stretcher into frigid waters off the coast of norway last month as rescuers tried to move her from the cruise ship to a life boat. she spent a week in intensive care. doctors aren't commenting on her current condition. today millions around the globe will celebrate earth day. this year the annual holiday is to raise awareness about the environment. it's been dubbed a billion acts of green. they are encouraging people to do something small but sustainable in their own lives to improve the health of the planet.
5:51 am
you can take reusable bags to the grocery stores to changing all the light bulbs in your house to make them more energy efficient. earth day was started in the u.s. but is celebrated in 190 countries. in honor of earth day, a release of the top green neighborhoods in the greater washington, d.c. area. five neighborhoods in maryland and have virginia and five in the district. bethesda, mt. ranier, takoma park. old town and ballston. in d.c., capitol hill, crestwood, columbia heights, petworth and woodley park. green home features in each community like green windows and high-efficiency toilets. coffee lovers can save some green today. two national coffee chains offering freebies to celebrate earth day.
5:52 am
starbucks is offering free coffee or tea to anyone who brings in their own reusable mug. last year 32 travel mugs were used instead of paper during the giveaway. that helped save 1.5 million pounds of paper. caribou coffee is offering free brew for anyone who brings in a reusable mug. both companies give discounts to those who use the eco-friendly mugs. this green day, what's the word? >> it is turning greener, too. leaves are coming out on the trees, lawns getting the deep, rich color. >> you can tell because of the pollen. >> pollen jumped dramaticly. right now, though, the other numbers we want to talk about are the turgs. look how chilly it is. low to mid-40s throughout much of the region. in fact, now near mid-40s in washington as well as the nearby suburbs in brings george's county. upper 30s in many locations, loudon, frederick, maryland and virginia upper 30s and low 40s. washington and fairfax,
5:53 am
arlington, prince george's, mid-40s. near the bay it's right near 50 degrees. but farther to our west and southwest it's in the mid-50s where they're getting some rain. the last 12 hours this wind shift has moved in off of the gulf of mexico and the atlantic bringing in rain. speck els of color, light rain showers in the central shenandoah valley. out of southern north carolina. that's moving our way here. out ahead, the dry air in place. pollen count quite high. it jumped to over 2,000 which puts it in high range. but relief on the way with rain. that will wash some of it out. we do have sunrise at 6:22 in about 30 minutes. we will have our temperatures this morning stay in the 40s through mid morning as the clouds continue to move off to the east. light rain moving in around noon time. light showers off and on during the afternoon. low to mid-50s for highs.
5:54 am
overnight tonight a chilly night. we'll be seeing showers from time to time. as well as patchy fog and drizzle after midnight. maybe a little drizzle saturday morning. traps some thunderstorms saturday afternoon. highs near sunday. it will soar into the 80s. we could get an afternoon thunderstorm. monday, remaining on the hot side. near 80 both days. showers and storms wednesday and thursday. keep up with weather any time weather channel on cable. how is traffic, jerry? >> for the most part, doing okay. increasing volume 395 northbound in the regular lanes, h.o.v. lanes doing okay. between the beltway and duke, moving along nicely. southbound, no early concerns down to the beltway or beyond. arlington, live look. patrick henry drive, pretty good shape. however, down the road a little bit pershing drive, traffic lights malfunctioning. be careful if you're headed through that intersection.
5:55 am
one more stop. as we head out, no concerns connecticut avenue. however, just seconds ago i received word of an accident inner loop of the beltway, new hampshire avenue. we'll check on that and get right back at you. check your trains on this friday morning. fine friday, indeed. metro and vre, no delays. one delay on marc, penn 505. montgomery county close to naming its next choice for school superintendent. dr. jerry weiss is retiring at the end of june. on monday, the board of education will officially appoint someone to that position and that person will need to be approved by the state superintendent of schools. the new superintendent will take over july 1st. a war is raging along bethesda row over the cop later of one cupcake shop. businesses near georgetown cupcake are upset about the long lines outside the store.
5:56 am
the owners of the bar and daddy&son's say crowds frequently block their entrances. it has talked about using a security guard to control the line, but at this point no word on a permanent plan. a group working hard on rejuvenating a building that has been empty for years. the wonder bread factory at 6th and s streets has been closed 25 years. developer doug jamal is planning to turn the building into retail or residential use. he took part in a party at the old bread factory celebrating the 40th anniversary of the d.c. preservation league. it was formed to save old buildings in the city. >> we were looking for a building, and outside of downtown. and there's so much development going around with the howard theater that we thought it was an ideal place. so 40 years later we're here to celebrate. >> the area has been undergoing a lot of restoration and renovation. the d.c. preservation league says it's the perfect place to begin the next 40 years of saving buildings.
5:57 am
>> preserve hraeugz league does good work in the city. >> indeed. >> that's it. final preparations are under way for the white house easter egg roll. >> president obama and the first family will welcome 30,000 people to the white house lawn. this year it has a theme as well. get up and go. the slogan for first lady's fitness campaign. in addition to the egg hunt, there will be basketball, football, baseball, even a yoga garden. ah, namaste. the longest yet at 7:30 monday morning and ending at 6:20 at night, allowing more families to go. kobe cal lay will perfect. a tradition since 1878. i'm running out of time. two more days to get my hands on tickets. >> are you actively pursuing tickets? i don't know if they're transferrable. >> i don't think they are. >> the senator at the center of a sex scandal is going to
5:58 am
officially resign today. next at 6:00 a.m., all-important
5:59 am
right now at 5:59, the federal government is on pump patrol. th


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